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TTap Construction specializes in civil construction type projects, whether it is moving dirt, installing pipe, or subdivision developments. We strive to work with the Owner’s team in order to incorporate the owner’s vision, the engineer’s skills, and our workmanship, thus, creating a team that is based on VALUE and BEYOND. TTap Construction, endeavors to collaborate with the governing agency with clarity, efficiency, and enthusiasm. TTap’s foremost goal is to develop a coherent, strong working relationship with the customer because we believe this brings out the best in both the project team and city agencies that are involved.

We work out of our headquarters in Kennewick, WA – but we send our crews throughout the Eastern Washington region and beyond!  If you have any questions about how we can help on your project, feel free to call us today!


Take a couple minutes and look through our worksite project gallery.  We’re proud of the quality work that we produce for our customers, and the level of professionalism and respect shown by our employees working in the field. Click to view the gallery.



Tyler Tapani, president of TTap Construction Services, started his career at the age of 16 in his dad’s family excavating business. Joining his four older brothers and two older sisters with three younger brothers and three younger sisters (including twin girls) to follow at Tapani, Inc.

Tyler worked from the ground up, literally, shoveling dirt (and lots of it!), to running equipment, to estimating and project managing. Through this, Tyler gained much experience in all aspects of the business.

In 2010 Tyler was asked to start a division of Tapani, Inc. in the Tri-Cities. He commuted from Battle Ground, on the west side of Washington to the Tri-Cities for a year while getting the Tapani office up and running. Tyler loved the Tri-Cities and decided to move his wife and children here (who also fell in love with the area) and made it permanent in 2011. He ran the Tapani office for two years before deciding to branch out on his own.

In 2012, Tyler along with his wife, Eva, decided to start their own business, so TTap Construction Services was created! They started with $1,500 cash, Tyler’s passion to follow a dream, Eva’s willingness to do the accounting (with no prior experience) and a will from both to work hard and create long-standing relationships within the Tri-Cities community.

TTap was awarded its 1st large contract right away, working with Markel Properties on the Rose Street Commercial Complex, installing utilities and completing street work. This job was the start of a lasting relationship with the Markels who are one of TTap’s most valued clients today.

Having been taught the value of a strong work ethic by his dad, and the importance of connection from his mom, Tyler continues to carry these values on through his own business, running TTap Construction in a culture of genuinely open people with a passion for dirt, pipe, and lots of it!

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In the first months of TTap Construction, Tyler ran his company with only a few employees. Our team has grown to over 30 energetic, fun employees with the same determination and strong work ethic as Tyler. Our employees are what makes TTap exceptional in our line of work – they too are passionate about dirt, pipe, and lots of it! We truly consider each employee to be a member of the TTap family. We are excited along with our employees, to embrace the journey of building long-lasting client/owner relationships for years to come.

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Thank you and your team again for rearranging schedule, working the o/t, sacrificing personal time and helping me out by avoiding closing the clinic during business hours. Every time my unexpected need has presented itself,  T-Tap and team have been there for TCCH. Humbly and gratefully,  Rick

Thanks for the outstanding help and work in Prosser! I always wanted to work with you since the Fountain Hills days and I’m glad we got to do our first development project together! You guys did a great job so please let everyone know how much we appreciate it.

You’ll definitely be my first contact when we get our next project going and hopefully it pencils for both of us. I did learn some very interesting (and costly) lessons on the first project, but I also know that that’s part of the process. And my long term goals are to develop residential lots and build commercially, so hopefully we’ll be doing a ton of work in the future.

Again, thanks for doing a great job in Prosser man. It was awesome working with you.

Take care man, Aaron




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