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number one question we ask ourselves here at TTap is: "are we being honest with ourselves and others?"


quality work our customers will be satisfied. So we do our best work, ensuring that our customers will be happy at the end of each project. 

Quality is our daily driver, our name is written on every project we do. At TTap, we understand that through

To us, Honesty means doing an honest day's work. We do what we say we are going to do. The 


Safety is our number one priority here at TTap. We want each employee's family to be confident that their loved one will come home safely each

day. Construction can be very dangerous if safety is not a top priority and taken seriously.

Here at TTap we are very passionate about construction. Through innovation we grow our passion daily and make 

the TTap environment and the work we do fun. With passion, our daily work becomes our craft.


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